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OSN – All the HDTV a man could ask for

Yesterday I got hooked up! OSN biatches! I’m not going to bang on about how many useless channels there are. I am however going to focus on the one channel that IS there! The only one that counts!

OSN Sports1 HD

What does that mean to me? Super15 rugby every Friday and Saturday! BRING IT! Along with my my new mate Bruce the BBQ and a few cold beers purchased locally, weekends are looking so much better!


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Cookin’ with GAS!

Saffa’s. Do not judge me! I bought a braai. In fact, it is ummmmm a BBQ. Worse than that is, its GAS. And just to top it all off it’s a bloody Aussie gas BBQ! I’m soooo sorry fellow countrymen, I was forced to! I live on the 29th floor of an apartment block and these people “have RULES”. This little guy doesn’t come cheap however but he is supposed to be a hard worker and very reliable. His name is Bruce and he is the BeefEater!

So anyway, at least now I have a chance to get out there and burn some meat. Hmmmmm! Yummm!


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Becoming a QA local?

No so much!

But I do now have almost everything I need to be fully settled in and and officially a resident expat in Qatar. Saying that however, as soon as I’m “settled” I’m out of here! Dubai for the weekend! Cant wait.

Im going to sum it up real quick:

  • Work – Awesome (still, after 6 weeks).
  • Car – Paid for, comfortable, convenient.
  • Place – Nice and taking a little getting used to.
  • Accommodation – Great view, paid for, comfortable, convenient.
  • People – So far, very good. Great in fact.
  • Beer – EXPENSIVE! But yummy after a long day!
  • Situation – Getting used to it. Its quieter than Im used to but its all quite nice still.
  • Future – Bright. Just need to start getting out a bit more. Time for TimeOut.


There’s a couple of sweet (not candy) bars around the work and home locations. Nothing is really far from home. All the bars are located in swanky hotels which is a bit odd but easy to get used to especially when the hotel comes with free valet parking! NICE! Drinks are expensive as I mentioned but get over that bump in your head and you will be doing ok! And just for the record, copious amounts of booze and pork products are available although just controlled. Fair enough!

In closing I thought I would add a few pics of my humble abode. Loving it!


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Doha. It just is!

Getting here was a bit of a struggle. The day I left, South Africa decided to go on strike. Flights cancelled and delayed all over the place. My flight from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg had been cancelled and I had been put on another flight without anyone telling me. This flight was scheduled to land in Johannesburg 1 hour after my Doha flight was scheduled to leave. Not good. Fortunately with some quick action from friendly SAA ground staff I was changed to British Airways (Comair) and I got to where I needed to be and only lost a couple of hours.

The Qatar Airways flight to Doha was incredible. The leg room was amazing. The service was impeccable. The food, lovely! That might have had something to do with the fact that it was a business class ticket. Loving it. I even went full cheesy and changed into the Qatar Airways PJs (which I kept as a souvenir), wound the chair down to full bed mode and slept most of the way. Respect!

Landing in Doha was ok. Crowded airport but why should I care? I wasn’t in any big hurry. Checking into the hotel was something else! Efficient, friendly, and very high standard. Too good for the likes of me. I was staying at the W which is easily one of the nicest places in the country and thanks to previous loyalty points with the SPG group I was auto upgraded to a suite.

W Doha in Qatar

I certainly did feel very welcomed and it was a spectacular place to stay. Food, service, people, room, everything. It was simply incredible. My suite was a 2 large bedroom place, both with en-suite bathrooms, a study a guest bathroom, a full sized kitchen and stunning lounge that overlooked the blinking lights of the Doha high-rises and busy little traffic 20 floors down. Way too much for little old me but I wasn’t about to complain!

Yup, I had landed. And off to my first day in my new life. Not before a 3 course, 5 star breakfast mind you!

** Published date altered to understand the timeline clearer

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The Feeling of Home

Home is great. It’s not just the place where you hang your hat. Mostly because I don’t wear hats, I wear caps and when I do so I usually just end up throwing it on the floor when I get in, anywhere, and no one will bitch, cos it’s MY house! MY home! My home is my comfortable space in an otherwise chaotic existence.

Being home was awesome. Too much great beer, too much incredible food, too much partying. Although, when one is enjoying one’s self and making the most of the time allowed, it can never be described as too much.

Time flies when you are having that much fun though. Dinners and braais (BBQs), meeting with mates, trips to the beach and even a visit to a strip club all kind of turned into a blur of time and before I knew it, I was packing up again and heading back to the airport. Bike back in the shed, house semi-packed up, doors and windows locked and the fading beeping sound of the alarm arming in the background. Adios home. See you around!


** Published date altered to understand the timeline clearer

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The Price of Stupidity

It’s not often you can put a monetary value on idiotic manoeuvres but in my case I was able to at least to some degree. Details of the bill will come later.

It was great to be home. It had been a while since I was last around and it just felt good. So good that I wanted to get on the road and just go take a look around. I have long since sold my car and also long since bought a bike. The bike was in the shed and I was ready to get out, only 5 minutes after getting in.

It seems bike batteries don’t last as long as (I believe) they should. Fuel on, ignition on, lights, camera, push starter button and…. nothing! One hell of an anti-climax. Now without knocking Honda too much I think the fact that they “forgot”to put a kick start on the XR250 was just plain stupid. It now resulted in me having to push start an on/offroad bike. Pain in the ass. I had my mate Mullac around (as always when things turn to shit actually – no fault of his), so he was able to lend a pushing hand. Unfortunately on the grass, trying to push start this bitch just resulted in the back wheel locking up and ripping up my nice green turf. It was then decided unanimously (cos I don’t like pointing fingers, at myself) that we should move our efforts to the street.

One or two attempts later and still no go. This is when my overactive genius mind kicked in to play. Mullac has a pick-up, I have long straps in the house. It was tug and tow time! Brilliance. Straps out and hooked up I give Mullac the all clear and what do you know? First attempt, SUCCESS! So I take the bike inside and planned to let it idle for a bit while I got ready to head out. When I kicked the stand down with the bike still in gear, safety kicked in and killed the engine. DOH! Immediately tried the restart to a limp lifeless half-assed splutter turn over and then silence.

MULLAC!!!!! Come back!

Attempt number two was easier that the first because now we weren’t newbies at this. On the road and hey presto, fired into action. Awesome! Bike back in the yard and very carefully set outside the back door, in neutral, on the stand and me inside getting ready. The thump thump thump noise of the bike got irritating so I closed the back door. When I went out 20 minutes later I found a very quiet, not running bike which had clearly stalled and even more clear was the ignition was still on with headlamp burning. Nooooooooo!!! Tried to start it, even though I knew what the reality of it was, DEAD!

MULLAC!!!!! Come back!

Attempt number three was now just a matter of fact. Been there, done that, was wearing the t-shirt of complacency. No helmet, no gloves, no thought! Instead of lining up on the road like we did before I figured that’s just a waste of a few seconds and felt it would be easier to get a head start and just pull me onto the road. Clearly I’m no mathematical genius and forgot to realise that unlike a car, a bike requires balance. Coming off the curb meant the bike, due to the standard forces of nature would lean to the left. In order to counter this, the rider would lean the bike to the right. Equilibrium. Ok, YOU try lean a 80Kg bike to the right when you have a 1.(something) ton 3liter twin cab Toyota pick-up pulling you the left!

I don’t know which of Newton’s laws I can blame for this, possibly all of them, but in this mostly one sided tug of war, something had to give. Forces of nature took over, picked my stupid ass off the bike and threw me on the ground. The same forces simultaneously picked the bike up by the back wheel, turned it over and threw it on me with some substantial power. The forces of Mullac, not knowing all of this was carrying on behind him, proceeded with his action item of driving forward and unbeknownst to him continued to drag this bitch over me.

Winded and beaten with a severely bruised ego I sat on the side of the road and all I could think was, “Shit, if something is broken I am not going to be able to fly to Qatar next week. NOT GOOD!”

That’s when the bills started:

X-rays, doctor’s consultations and referral for these x-rays, pain killers, ankle and wrist straps, bike damage and now the requirement to hire a car for a week to get around. All in all around $600. Damaged ego, priceless. For everything else there’s Intelligence!

I’m grateful I got off as lightly as I did. It could have been worse. Thanks to the CAT boots I was wearing I didn’t require reconstructive surgery on my foot.

The memories of the incident are fading but the pain lingers on as a “nice” reminder that even out of the work place, safety starts at home! Engage brain before action.

** Published date altered to understand the timeline clearer


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